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Skipton Architect Wins Porsche 911 Art Competition

Skipton Architect wins Porsche 911 Art Competition


A Skipton architect’s painting has won the Porsche Centre Preston 911 Creative Challenge. 

John Wharton’s painting of a white Porsche 911 in acrylics with a cutaway presentation was voted the best out of 30 entries. Celebrated professional artist Carla Raads presented John with his prize - a Porsche Experience Day at Silverstone. Carla also judged the competition.

Open to local amateur artists of all ages, the Porsche Centre Preston 911 Creative Challenge invited entrants to submit entries inspired by the Porsche 911. The competition was organised as part of a larger celebration marking the Porsche 911's 60th Anniversary. 

The competition enjoyed a diverse array of entries across various artistic mediums, from painting to sculpture, video, and photography. 

Tom Fox, managing director of Porsche Centre Preston, said: "The 911 Creative Challenge has not only showcased the incredible talent within our community but also reflected the profound impact the Porsche 911 has had in its 60 years. It’s one of those iconic vehicles that have inspired motorists. We loved John’s entry. Congratulations to him on his well-deserved victory."

Winner and architect John Wharton, who has created several artworks inspired by different types of iconic vehicles and transportation, said: "The Porsche 911 is an architectural masterpiece on wheels. As an architect myself, maybe that is what draws me to the car. It has long been a source of inspiration for me.


“Winning this competition is a tremendous honour, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to express my artistic interpretation of this iconic vehicle. I can't wait to enjoy the track day prize. Who knows, maybe it will inspire my next artwork?!"

The winner of the competition, John Wharton, was awarded a coveted Porsche Experience Day at Silverstone, an experience that promises to deepen his connection with the brand's rich heritage and performance excellence.

Competition judge Carla Raads said: "As an artist, I understand the fascination the Porsche 911 holds for creative minds. It's an ideal subject, with its sleek lines and timeless design. Witnessing the diverse interpretations of the 911 Creative Challenge has been inspiring. Congratulations to everyone who entered and reached such a high standard."

Back in June, over 350 Porsche enthusiasts celebrated another significant Porsche anniversary at Porsche Centre Preston. This time, it was the Porsche 75th anniversary.

Carla was also involved, having created bespoke artwork to celebrate. Her creation, following the global anniversary theme 'Dream in Full Colour,' featured vibrant references to the sun, elegantly rendered in Porsche's signature hues.

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