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Porsche Paint To Sample


With Porsche Paint To Sample, personalising how your car looks reaches new levels - achieving the colour of your dreams.

Besides the standard Porsche paint palette, there are 105 of what Boris Apenbrink, Director of Exclusive Manufaktur Vehicles at Porsche, calls ‘individual colours’ – colours from the Porsche past, like Signal Yellow and Viper Green – that customers can also specially order. But it is Paint To Sample that takes the personalisation process to new levels. Once Porsche has your choice, then its experts go to work, in effect creating your bespoke colour from scratch. “There’s a lot of development involved in making a new colour,” Boris explains. “It’s similar to how perfumes are created. The way they mix together ingredients to create a special fragrance is also true for our ‘colourists’. These experts take the tiniest pieces of different ingredients, combining them to make this unique colour.” 

The formulation and matching process of this special Porsche innovation is carried out by hand, says Boris – a necessary step when you are dealing with countless combinations of pigments and materials reacting with each other. For most Paint To Sample colours, it takes around eight months to complete. In the very rare cases of those cars that are hand painted using iridescent Chromaflair paint then the wait is a little longer. This paint shifts colours depending on the light and the angle you view it from, using technology similar to that used in the holograms you see in bank notes. If this all sounds like a long time, you need to take into consideration that, unlike classic cars, a modern Porsche is built from a variety of materials. The body of a 911, for example, is made up of steel, while doors and bumpers constructed of aluminium, the roof is magnesium and then all different kinds of plastics are used in the manufacture of such parts as door mirrors, handles and wings. Matching these is an exact science. But when you are looking to put your own stamp on your new Porsche, the remarkable results make that little extra wait worth it.

“When you buy a Porsche, it’s not just a car,” says Boris. “It’s more of a friend, a family member. A dream fulfilled. And people have very specific thoughts about what their dream should look like. We’re extending the boundaries of what is possible. For you to be extreme if you want to.”

Take a look at these stunning 911 Targa 4 GTS & Panamera 4S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo in PTS Amethyst Metallic - now available to view in our Showroom. 

For more information on Porsche Paint To Sample, call the team on 01772 911 911 or email info@porschepreston.co.uk .