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Porsche Winter Wheels and Tyres

Porsche Winter Wheels and Tyres


With the seasons changing and temperatures rapidly decreasing, you’ll want to feel the security that comes with N-rated winter tyres from Porsche. The specialised winter tyres are designed for the extremes through to everyday conditions: from snow and ice, to rain, mud or leaves on the road. You can rely on the increased performance levels allowing you to feel confident in the cold autumn and winter months.
Right tyres at the right time

In temperatures below 7ºc the rubber compound in summer tyres can harden, reducing performance and increasing braking distance by up to 12%. Winter wheels and tyres have been specially created, tested and approved for your model, providing even more safety and pure driving pleasure whatever the weather.
Browse the range

Choosing the right winter wheel and tyre sets has never been easier. See the full range and visualise your Porsche with different wheel sets on the Porsche Tequipment Finder. Alternatively, get in touch with us to discuss the appropriate options and place an order with the team.

Porsche Tyre Hotel

Storing your summer wheel and tyre set is easy and convenient with the Porsche Tyre Hotel which provides secure storage during the autumn and winter months. Contact us for more information.

For any more information, call the Centre on 01772 911 911 or email info@porschepreston.co.uk .