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Taycan Cross Turismo Voted Best Electric Car for 2021

Taycan Cross Turismo Voted Best Electric Car for 2021


The Porsche Taycan wins another award, this time from Top Gear for the Taycan Cross Turismo - voted Best Electric Car for 2021.

Top Gear said: “It’s one of those cars that sweeps along effortlessly, carrying speed easily, lightly and deftly, the sort of speed that leaves passengers clueless as to how quickly they’re travelling. There’s no heave around corners, no loss of body control and, most remarkably of all, no tension in it.”

“I literally can’t think of another car that blends speed and comfort as well as this, another car that you could load four people into and drive so rapidly yet serenely. It’s a world away from the stomping Mercedes-AMG E63, way ahead of even an Audi RS6 or Porsche’s own Panamera.”

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