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News & Events - Earth Day 2021 - Porsche Centre Preston


At Porsche Centre Preston, we are celebrating Earth Day 2021 by recognising Porsche’s goal to move the brand towards a more sustainable future.

The new Porsche sustainability Strategy 2030 identifies the principal challenges for the company in six action areas that are key to the sports car manufacturer’s sustainable development. These action areas provide a consistent focus for Porsche’s activities:

  • Decarbonisation
  • Circular Economy
  • Diversity
  • Partner-to-Society
  • Supply Chain Responsibility
  • Governance & Transparency

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Porsche is committed to climate protection and aims to shape the future of mobility and embracing the challenge of pushing technological boundaries, reducing fuel consumption, and developing innovative drive systems. The company is aiming for total decarbonisation and CO2 neutrality. As its development of electric models gathers pace, Porsche is not only contributing to global climate protection but is also helping to improve air quality in cities. By 2025, half of all new Porsche models will have an electric motor. The Taycan heralded the start of a new era at Porsche: an emotive sports car that brings together tradition and the future. Over and above its electrification strategy, Porsche has anchored in its strategy the principle of continuous decarbonization of its products and company processes across the entire life cycle. In addition to the CO2 emissions generated by the vehicle itself during operation, there is also a particular focus on emissions within the supply chain.

The use of sustainable materials and consideration of the environmental impacts is crucial to developing a modern and future-proof vehicle architecture. The longevity of Porsche sports cars, their high-quality workmanship, and the use of hard-wearing materials are fundamental aspects of the Porsche principle, which the company aims to strengthen further through its commitment and dedication. Porsche has set itself the objective of closing material cycles and reintroducing used raw materials back into the production process at the end of the vehicle life. The company considers the environmental impacts of the materials used in its products and evaluates these according to sustainability criteria. Further developing approaches to the circular economy is a strategic priority here. This objective is also reflected in the vision for the production of the future. In line with the “Zero Impact Factory” principle, the goal is to prevent negative environmental impacts to the greatest possible extent through the production processes.

For more information on the Taycan, or any of the E-Hybrid models in our range, call the Centre on 01772 911 911 or email  info@porschepreston.co.uk.